How To Plan And Create A Travel Podcast 

Are you a people person who loves talking? Do you have stories to tell but dislike writing? Perhaps a podcast, instead of a blog, could be your thing?

This article walks you through the process of getting your podcast launched. 

Planning your travel podcast 

This is the first stage in making your podcast. Spend a good amount of time planning it before you move on.

You want your podcast to be focused on a particular topic, niche, or audience. The thing is, unless you know who you’re making your show for, and why you’re doing it, you’ve got very slim chances of success. 

Do you perhaps have a business partner or employee that you want to co-host with? It can be easier and more fun to start podcasting if you have a co-host, not to forget sharing tasks and costs.

Your podcast needs a name. A good name. A name that doesn’t limit you too much but lets you expand. Decide your episode length, frequency and style. Interview shows are popular, but that doesn’t mean you have to do one.

Recording and editing your travel podcast

The bare minimum you need to record a podcast is a computer with a USB microphone and access to the internet. However, the more limited your setup and equipment, the more limited the sound quality of your podcast will be.

You will also need some software to actually record and edit the audio. There are a few options for this. Audacity is a free-of-charge audio editing application. It’s likely to cater to all your needs but does come with a steep learning curve. Other (paid) options include Descript and Alitu. 

Show in action

Once you’re set up with a microphone and your editing software, you are ready to hit ‘Record’ – but what will you say? That’s why you need scripting. Some write out every word, others outline. Learn what podcast scripting method suits you.

Talking into a mic is probably one of the most difficult things to learn when you start your travel podcast. A good idea is to focus on talking to a single person instead of “talking to yourself” or “talking to a mic”. Who is your ideal customer? Talk to that person.

Publishing your travel podcast

How do you get your podcast online and out to the world?

You need attractive cover art that stands out. You can easily use creative commons/stock images to create cover art on Canva.

You’ll need a podcast hosting account, sometimes called a media host. Media or Podcast hosts are services that store your audio and allow your listeners to listen, download, and subscribe to your podcast. You can also set up your podcast on your website. 

Here’s a list of some hosts to try:

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Captivate
  3. Libsyn
  4. Transistor
  5. Castos

Once your podcast is launched and out in the world, it’s time to think about promotion and building your listener base.

Become a podcast guest?

Ok, you love talking but starting and running a podcast feels too heavy for you as a small travel business owner. How about finding out what travel-related podcasts your customers are listening to? Contact the host and sell your well-thought idea.

In any case, we recommend listening to some popular Nordic travel podcasts and learning from them.

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Sirje is an adventurer who loves exploring Nordic wilderness, new business opportunities and emerging technologies. She regularly collaborates with Atelier Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency in Helsinki.

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